STUDY: Octopuses On MDMA Reached Out For A Hug

Scientists are exploring the various wonders of MDMA, however this needs to be essentially the most attention-grabbing examine we’ve heard of to this point. As it seems, octopuses appear to expertise related euphoria and pro-social behaviors when uncovered to the substance — simply as people do.

This all began out when researchers observed a key similarity between the human mind and that of the octopus. When on MDMA, we obtain that heat and fuzzy feeling from a rise within the neurotransmitter generally known as serotonin. A protein concerned within the course of with octopuses could be very related.

Once researchers discovered this out, their course for this examine was clear. Study co-author Eric Edsinger explains, “pharmacologically, we might predict MDMA ought to work in octopus in the way in which it does in people.”

To check the speculation, octopuses had been positioned in an “interconnected three-chamber tank meant to check sociability.” The social chamber included one other octopus and the article chamber contained a determine of Chewbacca (as a result of why not). Each octopus was positioned in a middle chamber and allowed to roam freely for 30 minutes.

Without any MDMA of their programs, octopuses tended to spend time within the social chamber if that octopus was feminine. If it had been male, they’d hang around with Chewbacca as a substitute. After being dosed with MDMA, octopuses had been extra more likely to spend time with male octopuses within the social chamber — some even reaching out  within the type of a “hug.”

We could be extra just like sea creatures than we predict.

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