Skrillex Reveals That Pendulum Was The Reason He Began Producing EDM

Skrillex released his remix Pendulum’s ‘The Island Pt. 1′ today, and immediately we fell in love with the exciting new future bass take on the classic track. But it seems that this remix held a bit a special place in Skrillex’s heart for a different reason.

It turns out that Pendulum can be credited for being the straw that broke the camels back when it came to Skrillex deciding to produce electronic music. One Twitter the legendary DJ recounted a story when he was only 16 and on tour with his band, From First To Last.

While the group was in Salt Lake City preparing for a gig, a the owner a record store played Skrillex (or at the time, Sonny), some records. One them being ‘Hold Your Color’ by Pendulum. Skrillex was so take by the track that he knew at that moment he needed to take a chance and go head first into dance music production.

Thank god he did…check out the story below.

Pendulum Inspires Skrillex…

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