Lord Payback is bringing the heat on his latest single: “Payback”

Hip Hop fans were introduced to Lord Payback back when he was still going by the name Mono Bagends. During his previous life as he states it, the rapper enjoyed much success. He was nominated for various underground music awards, performed on B.E.T, opened up for Papoose and Remy Martin, worked with platinum producers and had his music placed in major motion pictures. However, things didn’t go as planned and the rapper faced some major backstabbing from his internal team.

The rapper’s often aggressive, underground style is refreshing – honoring the roots of the hip hop with witty lyrics, well-produced beats, and a captivating cadence. Lou The Human gave us “Get Sexy With Me” in 2017 followed up by his horror-core single “Here I Come,” and now he’s dropped his major comeback track “Payback” from his upcoming project. Stay tuned for that!

The rapper goes hard for over three minutes on “Payback” without relying on a catchy hook, and it’s obvious that he’s been heavily influenced by the styles of Eminem.

Peep Lord Payback’s new releases down below!

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