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Indie singer/songwriter Yuno Verse sets the music scene on fire with his latest sonic creation in the shape and form of debut EP Massimo’s pigeon. The soundscape is completely mesmerizing and in its own unique way so playful and inviting that you just want more. Then you add the surreal and out of this world depth of the lyrics and you’ve got yourself something special and eternal.

There’s no denying that Yuno explores the themes of introspection and finds twisted stories that are much more exciting than what is considered the norm.


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MASSIMO’S PIGEON IS OUT NOW! Link in bio! __________________ I once read: “art is like starting a sentence before you know its ending”. I now know that this doesn’t just apply to art. It applies to all of life. We go places, we meet people, we make plans, we change plans, we try things, we succeed with some, we lose sight, we find ourselves, all while learning to let go of the infantile image of what we thought life would be. When I started my sentence, I had no idea of the mistakes I’d make, the patience I’d need, the rejection I’d endure, and the disappointment I’d experience. But I also had no idea of how it would shape me and show me that it wasn’t about becoming who I thought I was, but about creating who I needed to be. I had no idea of the things I’d learn, the people I’d meet, and the peace I’d find. After being robbed from this EP in 2017, people asked me why I didn’t start over fresh with new music. Why I chose to remake all the old songs, of which some date back to 2015. The answer is because a vital part of my development would not have been shared with the world if I had. My story would have been incomplete without that clueless yet hopeful first sentence. So if you listen to this EP, know that you are given insight into a story that otherwise would have remained untold. I’m not presenting you the polished marble statue, I’m walking you through the uncelebrated atelier that birthed it. @fleurdelisle , I thank the skies for your friendship. @sharksgallery , I hope we can do this forever. @whan_n1 , may you be recognized and rewarded. If you read the whole story, thank you! Let me know which song’s your favorite! ❤️ ___________________ #newmusic #newmusicfriday #music #artist #art #songwriter #rapper #singer #writer #spotify #massimospigeon #yunoverse #applemusic #love #work #grind #hustle #lfl #fff #tfl #artistsofinstagram

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Celebrate this unknown world of urban poetry and embrace the melodies, the lyrics and the visuals of some of the songs as Yuno finds a way to give you a reflection of something seen, lived but never spoken about.

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