For the longest time, Lil Yachty has kept the notion of Lil Boat 3 alive by altering his Twitter handle to read the following: “cookin up LB3.” Without a reasonable release date to fall back on, or material to plug in the interim, Yachty was wise to alter his Twitter handle in such a manner. You could say it was the best marketing strategy he could muster, up to this point. That was until he and Trippie Redd jumped on Instagram Live this weekend for an unexpectedly revealing conversation. 

Lil Yachty Announces Next Album To Be Released In October

Rich Fury/Getty Images

“When the album dropping bruh?” Trippie asked Yachty unexpectedly, causing him to pause for just a second. “October bro,” he replied, “And that’s the first time I said that too.”

Yachty’s one-liner was as deep as they got into the matter. Neither Yachty or Trippie named the album outright, but given the circumstances, it’s safe to say they were referring to Lil Boat 3. I’m no behavioral psychologist, but they didn’t look at all to be concealing any information from the live audience. Such is often the case when one sublimates “intimacy” in the midst of voyeuristic fans. Keep it locked for the exact date – Yachty will surely notify us of its provenance, ahead of time.