Young Thug is about to end the summer with a bang. Out of nowhere, the iconic Atlanta artist announced that he would be releasing his new album in a matter of days, revealing a Friday drop date for So Much Fun. At this point, we know to expect the unexpected from Thugger. When you think you’ve got him pinned down, he comes through with a “yeehaw” moment and shocks the world. So far, we’ve heard one single from the upcoming body of work, featuring J. Cole and Travis Scott on “The London.” Without a tracklist, we don’t quite know what we’re in for but the sheer number of artists reposting Thug’s beautiful cover art on their socials could mean that a lot of features are on the way. One man that has started teasing his own song on the joint is Drake, who recently uploaded a boomerang video of himself with his diamonds dancing all over the place, captioning the shot with the title of Thug’s new album.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Drake will be featured on the album but the timing and phrasing are seriously coincidental. Comments have been added from Reese LAFLARE, a common collaborator of Jeffrey’s, so it’s possible that this does indeed confirm his rumored appearance on So Much Fun. We’ll likely have to wait a little longer to see if he’s actually listed on the back cover though.

Young Thug‘s new album will be out later this week. Are you ready?