Diddy On His Fall At The BET Awards: "I Busted My Ass!"

Diddy cracks up every time he sees the video of himself falling at the BET Awards.

Either last night’s BET Awards was really something special, or the internet has just become too good at meme-ifying everything they see. It’s probably a combination of both, but one truly spontaneous moment came when the generally-light-on-his-feet Diddy took a major spill during his performance of “All About The Benjamins”.

Within minutes of it happening, a Vine had already circulated Twitter, and it wasn’t long before Diddy himself partook in the friendly roasting session.

“I was getting so loose I fell! LOL, but really though I busted my ass!”, he wrote on Instagram. “IF YOU EVER FALL DOWN, get your ass up and FIGHT!!!!!!! But really though, I crack up every time I see this shit! It’s like I fucking disappeared. HAAAAAA!!!! I was scared as fuck but I had to get up!”

Good to hear that Puff was able to power through the pain and have a good laugh. Check out the clip below.

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