Cossy debuts his 2 track EP "The Ocean" [Deep Root Records]

Mexican artist Cossy has gotten off to a powerful begin in 2018 with official remixes of Francis Mercier’s tracks “Like A Ghost,” and “Shakin’ It.” He is most recognized for his single “Don’t Run From My Love” that was launched on Armada Deep. Today he debuted his incredible sounding 2-song EP Deep Root Records. Honing a particular pop sound, Cossy is happy to share what he has been growing within the studio.

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Fusing Caribbean beats, tropical home rhythms and world-infected pop flavors, The Ocean EP sees the haze of COSSY’s skills distilled to potent new depths. From the summery horns of “The Ocean” to the Bhangra stylized flute and moombahton drum programming that carries “I’m The One” to the break, the EP is a short and broad-reaching synthesis of home and world-pop.

Grab the track in your favourite platform right here.

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