Brondo Crushes Debut Denver Show; Entry Only Costs One Banana

There has been a murmuring for months now about a mythical, debacherous, dubstep denizen who goes by the name of Brondo. Simultaneously showing up on the social media feeds of lovers everywhere, this new DJ has built a following in seemingly little time at all. He’s now amassed 50k Facebook followers, 7k on Instagram and has landed spots on both the Global Dance Festival and 515 Festival in less than a year of true inception.

So who is Brondo? Any is good PR some people say, and it while it may not be great on paper to be thought to be Datsik – so many have bought into the concept that Brondo must be him. They have similar music, Brondo has been shown to like a few of Datsiks past tracks and posts, and with Datsik having been silent for quite some time – it’s all seemed to good to be true.

Well it turns out it is. Brondo is actually Thomas O’Connell, a DJ who formerly went by T.O.C and made waves in 2014 when we won the Colorado Solo Artist of the Year by Bridging the Music, and has continued his upward momentum since in the local Colorado scene. Speaking with some locals who have seen his rise – it turns out he has just rebranded as Brondo and is now seeing massive success, thanks in part to some genius marketing.

Brondo Crushes Debut Denver Show; Entry Only Costs One Banana

With his entire persona built around the “bass jungle”, O’Connell kicked off his debut show by offering free, first come first serve admission to anyone who brought a fresh, ripe banana to the show. It was insane how well it worked – I was constantly stopped on the street by random people asking where I was headed. The show got even better when inside – the energy was through the roof and it was insane to see and hear people talk about how excited they were to see Brondo.

The decor and design of the show was great – jungle foliage was strewn everywhere, the lighting was

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