ARTY welcomes three remix twists of recent single ‘Daydreams’!

After closing the year in style
with one his most empowering singles to date, ARTY has called upon his
gifted peers to pick up where the sonic wonder 2019 left f. Now with fresh
reimaginations from Sultan + Shepard, Felon and RetroVision, the electronic
music phenomenon’s ‘Daydreams’ single with Cimo Fränkel returns to the
spotlight to both get the year f to a great start and warm up the crowd for
more ARTY music to come soon.  

As fans have already gotten a taste the renditions Sultan + Shepard and Felon, the ‘Daydreams’ remix pack conjures up a wave recognizability whilst ensuring full-scope dance music madness. With all artists adding their own distinct color to the single’s canvas – and Sultan + Shepard even injecting the unique sound their recently released ‘Echoes Of Life’ album into the remix – the single comes alive once more in shapes and forms that’ll make the song flourish in every corner the dance music realm. You can check out all remixes below and let us know which one is your favorite!

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