Watch Nas' 'Obey Your Thirst' Documentary (VIDEO)

Nas stars in the second installment of Sprite’s Obey Your Thirst series where he reflects on his hunger for success and not letting living in one of New York City’s most notorious housing projects deter him from his dreams.

He speaks inspirationally while discussing how he always believed that he could excel at any goal he set for himself as a kid.

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“There was nothing more important to me than in the whole world than having a voice. I wanted to make a big impact on this art form… I wanted to open up a doorway for another generation.”

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This video series is a component of the Obey Your Verse campaign that will bring some of the best bars from Nas, Drake, the Notorious B.I.G and Rakim to you by the way of a Sprite can throughout the summertime.

Watch the documentary below.

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