Underrated Audio: July 5- July 11

HNHH’s “Underrated Audio” puts you on not-too-mainstream music you might have missed from the past week.

This weekly feature provides you with some of the most-fire yet least-viewed records that we featured on the homepage this past week. Whether they were simply overlooked because the artist name was not familiar, or perhaps they just weren’t seen at all, we want to give them a second chance at your iTunes here.

This lovely weekend we’re featuring six records that hit our daily songs list at one point or another. From the trap-leaning Young Scooter on “No Rules,” to the more outré and introspective Jimi Tents with “Problems,” as well as the fun-loving “Are Cheetos Really Chips?” from Grey Sweatpants, there’s a bit of music for everyone. Let us know what your underrated pick from the past week is.

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