Top 5 Sneakers That LeBron Should Wear In Space Jam 2

It seems as though Space Jam 2 is inevitable and evidence suggests that LeBron James will star in the sequel to the 1996 classic film. 

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. recently reached a new tv-film-digital production deal with LeBron James, and also filed for new Space Jam trademarks within the last month. 

Unsurprisingly, Space Jam fans, LeBron haters, kids, adults, martians etc. had a lot to say about the possibility of LBJ taking MJ’s role as the next Space Jam hero.

A majority of people either hate the idea of a Space Jam sequel or hate the idea of LeBron starring in the film… or a combination of both.

But let’s be honest, we’ll all watch just to see how good/bad it turns out.

Sneakerheads, specifically, will be invested in Space Jam 2 just to see what sneakers LeBron will lace up in his battle against the Monstars. As we know, Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ 11s became one of the most iconic sneakers following the film’s massive success. 

By the time this movie actually hits theaters, LeBron might be on his 15th or 16th signature, but for now we’ll take a look at 5 sneakers that he should consider wearing for Space Jam 2.

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