Joe Budden Discusses Backlash From Comments About Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill (VIDEO)

After Joe Budden joked on “The Joe Budden Podcast” about Meek Mill’s love for his girlfriend Nicki Minaj, they both clapped back at him via Twitter. Now the New Jersey spitter has his chance to respond during a sitdown with AllHipHop CEO Chuck Creekmur.

The former reality star said the whole situation was a “non-story” and his joke was taken out of context. He said after laughing at all the Meek Mill memes that were generated after the 2015 BET Awards, he discussed it further on his show and din’t think it would “snowball” into anything bigger.

Budden also said he was disappointed by Nicki’s response because he felt that she “always comes off a bit more well thought out” in her responses. As far as Meek calling him corny, Joe brushed that off saying that wasn’t “creative” enough.

Watch the chat below to see if there is any bad blood between Joe and the two lovebirds and if they will ever take this to the booth.

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