Headbangers On Course For Lost Lands 2018 Turned This Plane Into Full On Rave

Lost Lands 2018 is officially underway ladies and gentlemen. While the gates have opened and bass has begun, many headbangers are still traveling to the Legend Valley to enjoy a weekend of neck breaking and general debauchery. A video from a fan which posted to Facebook today captured one of the craziest moments we have seen all year.

In the video a full plane can be seen, clearly with dozens of ravers heading to Ohio present. When someone breaks up a wireless speaker and starts to play Excision at full volume – things get rowdy really quick.

It appears the plane is still on the ground for the entire clip, and it can be see visibly bouncing as the litany of fans start to headbang to the track playing over the speakers. This is really a site to be seen…check it out below.

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