CyHi The Prynce Has Harsh Words For Kanye West On 'Elephant In The Room'

CyHi the Prynce is firing shots at his G.O.O.D Music boss Kanye West.

CyHi has dropped nine mixtapes and has yet to have a debut album hit stores, which has him livid. He blew off some steam on his new track “Elephant in the Room” where he blasts West for leaving him out of the spotlight.

“Hey Ye, do you know what it feel like?/To really be signed to you in real life?/Have you ever wrote a song/ And you know you about to say something wrong but you still right?,” he raps.  He continues “While you’re in your little Lambo on Sunset/I’m riding with a gun next to me/And it sounds like a little boy playing with a drum set/And it hold a hundred rounds/Cause when you come around n—s quick to gun you down/You’ll be found on the other side of town somewhere, nigga.”

Prynce also has bad blood with Def Jam, who reportedly dropped him, and had no problems rapping about shooting up the Def Jam offices and kidnapping the employees.

Lend your ear below.


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