Artwork Unveiled For Charles Hamilton’s “The Black Box” EP

Check out the cover art for Charles Hamilton’s upcoming EP titled “The Black Box”.

After making a successful comeback earlier this year with records like “NY Raining” & “Correct,” Charles Hamilton is now turning his focus onto his first official project in years called The Black Box EP.

On Tuesday, clothing brand, Rocksmith, held a private luncheon for Charles in NYC where the EP was played in full and each record was broken down for those in attendance. Thanks to SFPL, who was there, some of the records off the tape will be titled “Clown”, “Special”, Let’s Roll,” and “Down The Line”.

While no concrete release date was given at this luncheon, we did get a glimpse at what the cover art will look like thanks to the poster at the luncheon. Check that out in the gallery above, and look for the entire project to impact later this month.

Who’s excited to hear The Black Box EP?

New EP. This July.

— Charles Hamilton (@charleshamilton) July 7, 2015

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